Jan 1, 2024

The 18th Spiritual Letter by Guru Saint Dr. MSG - An Encapsulation of Happiness and Divine Wisdom

The last day of 2023 marked an extraordinary moment as Guruji's 18th spiritual letter enveloped millions of hearts with happiness and divine blessings.

In the realm of spiritual journey, the hearts of disciples finds elation when they receive a message from their Revered Guru. It is a moment that transcends ordinary happiness, reaching a state where joy knows no bounds. For the disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda, this precious moment unfolded with the reception of the 18th spiritual letter from the Revered Saint Dr. MSG.

The last day of 2023 became a profound moment of divinity, happiness, and blessedness as Guruji's words encapsulated not just immediate joy but happiness for the entire upcoming year.

The vista unfolded as disciples, emotionally and lovingly, absorbed the sacred contents of the letter, creating an atmosphere of profound spiritual connection. Furthermore, Guruji initiated a new welfare initiative, adding another dimension to the disciples' journey of service and compassion. Let's delve into the transformative insights of this divine letter.

18th Holy Letter by Saint Dr. MSG

To my beloved children, Trust/ Management committee, and servitors

Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra

My dear millions of children, heartfelt congratulations on the MSG Incarnation Month of the Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji. Blessings! The New Year is also approaching. I extend my sincere congratulations and blessings to each one of you for the New Year. May this MSG Incarnation Month and the upcoming New Year bring abundant blessings into your lives. May God fulfill all your rightful aspirations and fill your homes with immense happiness.

My dear beloved children, I've always shared two lines given by Revered Param Pitaji that encapsulate the essence of Sacha Sauda and fundamental principles:

'In this lifetime, dedicate yourself to two deeds: meditation and selflessly loving every creation of the Almighty,

Never hurt any being's heart, keep the inevitability of death in mind, and fear the Divine.'

Dear disciples, your selfless service during the Bhandara days is remarkable, and remain filled with immense joy and fulfillment. If you wish to extend this joy every day, adhere steadfastly to three principles, have unwavering faith, and stay dedicated to the Guru and His teachings. This will magnify your happiness manifold every day. I've emphasized this before and tell you once again- "We were, are, and will forever be your Guru and I am indeed your Guru." If you encounter anyone in a mentally retarded person roaming around, assist in arranging treatment and ensure their safe return home. You are already performing this selfless service commendably; continue it with even greater passion. Remember, ‘Serving humanity is akin to serving the divine.’

In the forthcoming Incarnation Month of MSG and on the first day of the New Year, you collectively embark on a new welfare initiative. The goal is to visit, offer financial assistance, and share the grief of families who have lost their breadwinner or their only son or daughter due to drug addiction. This initiative will be named, 'Sahara-E-Insan.' Raise your hands, chant Nara loudly, and put your hands down. The volunteers who will perform this noble initiative will find their laps filled with an extraordinary kind of happiness from God.

Beloved children, in the form of your Guru, while fervently wishing for abundant happiness for you all during the Bhandara, I say, may you experience e-special joy on this special occasion. Blessings! Always yours, MSG Guru!