Dec 15, 2023

The Second Transformative Day of the 32nd Mega Free Eye Camp Revived Hope in Numerous Lives| MSG Sewa Bhandara Updates

In a world where access to quality eye screening services remains a challenge for many, the 32nd Mega Free Eye Camp emerges as a beacon of hope for those who had lost faith in the possibility of receiving the best care.

This camp not only provides essential eye screenings but many other services such as free medication, eye drops, consultations, and surgeries. The whole camp is a visual commitment to excellence, offering the best services to those who need it the most. The goal is not just to examine eyes but to restore hope and vision to those who have long yearned for it.

The Second Day Witnessed the Unwavering Dedication of Doctors and the Lasting Impact on Thousands of Lives

 The second day of the camp brought forward the unwavering dedication of servitors, volunteers, and healthcare professionals. Thousands more have been touched by the compassion and expertise that define this mega-eye camp. The camp attracted over 3,740 patients within the first two days and included free check-ups for the eyes of all attendees, with 126 individuals chosen for surgeries. On the second day, 50 selected patients underwent surgeries.

These surgeries encompassed cataracts and other eye conditions, addressing the specific needs of each patient after thorough medical examinations, including urine tests, blood sugar checks, and heart assessments. These were conducted at the state-of-the-art operation theater of Shah Satnam JiSpecialty Hospital, Sirsa, by renowned eye specialists, Dr. Monica Garg and Dr. Geetika.

Beyond the surgeries, the camp also distributed free eyeglasses and medications to the patients, reinforcing the holistic approach to eye care. The meticulous organization of the camp, separating cabins for male and female patients, reflects a commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

The patient records and examinations from the camp are being handled by the Shah Satnam-Shah Mastana Ji Dham and Humanity Welfare Center, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. The esteemed eye specialists, who have traveled from various medical colleges across the country, are contributing to the ongoing success of this initiative.

In the sacred memory of Revered Shah Satnam Ji, the camp has evolved into an annual event since 1992, providing eye care to thousands. To date, 31 camps have been conducted so far, benefiting nearly 29,000 individuals through surgical interventions, and countless others through free eye examinations.