Mar 8, 2013

True Human Being Must Recites Gurumantra

"Until one adopts and recites Gurumantra (the method of meditation), one is not entitled to be called as a true human being. Even if one keeps on enchanting the method of meditation while doing the daily chores of life still then, God, Almighty bestows holy grace upon him (devotee)." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by around 50 million people). Further excerpts from the Satsang are as follows:-

All the daily activities like begetting the children, eating, sleeping and many more, all are done by the animals too. But only man is empowered to attain the Supreme Being. Recitation of the God's words is the only source to have an access to the Almighty along with His holy grace and compassion. While walking, sauntering, and doing other activities too one can meditate; this way also the God Almighty bestows deluge of happiness upon His disciple. This is the easiest and most convenient way to receive the holy grace. No need to offer anything other than reciting the Gurumantra in thoughts or articulate it. Those who abide by the holy sermons with the pure heart they always remain blessed with the holy grace. In this era of selfishness (kaliyuga) every relation is self centered. Relations have no meaning if one fails to suffice the demands.

This era is full of selfishness as people respect and befriend only to fulfill their motives, once the motive is fulfilled they don't even like to talk. A child's relation with the parents is till the baby becomes mature. If the parents restrict the children from bad deeds they detest their parents. No one cares for the parents after getting married unless parents are receiving pension or are the owners of property and have good bank balance; then only they are respected by the children. Even friendship also lasts till friends coincide with each other. Only and only God's love is the selfless love. Thoughts keep on generating but it is essential not to pursue them. When the negative thoughts tend to develop, one must entreat to God for forgiveness. Meditation nullifies the negative thoughts fallout and one again happen to be worthy of the holy grace. One must follow the positive thoughts as it is the way to contentment and to gain adeluge of holy grace and compassion. In addition it purifies thoughts and enhances self confidence. So meditation is the only source to obtain the spiritual bliss and divine radiance on one's face.