Nov 14, 2013

2nd True Trophy Circle Kabaddi Tournament Held In Dera Sacha Sauda

On the auspicious occasion of holy Incarnation Month of Revered Saint Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj (Founder, Dera Sacha Sauda), the second True Trophy  Circle Kabaddi Tournament was organized in the premises of Saint SMG Sports Complex. Eight popular teams from the Haryana and Punjab participated in the tournament held under the sponsorship of Saint MSG Blessed Youth and Sports Society. The tournament commenced by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan by releasing a cluster of gas-filled balloons carrying the tournament's slogan in the air.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Inaugurating the tournament

Revered Guru Ji took introduction of the participating teams, blessed them with his pious glance and commanded them to play honestly with a sportsman spirit and without abusing each other.

While interacting with the players in the pious premises of Saint SMG Sports Complex of Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Revered Guru Ji said that playing games makes body and mind healthy. If players include dedication and meditation in the daily routine life, they can perform much better. Players should practice regularly with dedication along with meditating the God's words which will boost their self-confidence and success can be achieved only through self-confidence. His Holiness advised players to adopt vegetarianism and quit consumption of intoxicants. Revered Guru Ji also conveyed a message to players to play an unbiased game without using abusive language during the game and to play honestly without applying any oil on the body.

Eight different teams participated in the Second True Circle Kabaddi Tournament. Group A included Shah Satnam Ji Meet Academy, Baba Farid Kabaddi club Faridkot and teams from Rohtak and Bathinda. Whereas Group B included Baba Nanak Gurdaspur, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Academy Barnala, Sonipat and Fatehgarh Sahib Sports Academy.

Shah Satnam Ji Meet Academy won the tournament beating Sonipat with a score of 46-30 and the team was rewarded with a trophy and cash amount of Rupees One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand. Runner-up team was awarded with a trophy and a cash amount of Rupees Seventy Five Thousand. The best player in the whole tournament received Apache Motorcycle in reward. The tournament had all provisions of Third Umpire, Electronic Score Board and Commentary which became a center of appreciation from the players.

A unique combination of spirituality and sportsmanship was seen during the tournament. Not only the renowned players of the nation participated in the tournament, but game lovers from nearby regions and students of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutes also enjoyed participating in the tournament. Whereas thousands of Dera Sacha Sauda devotees enjoyed watching the exciting game along with attaining pious blessings and vision of Revered Guru Ji. His Holiness himself taught fine specifics of the game to players during the matches. Third Umpire played a very important role in all the matches. Cameras put on every corner played a significant role for taking fair decision on double touch to beat the opponent, foul etc, through which every Raid & Catch of players was seen in slow motion and an unbiased judgment was taken. Players applauded this a lot.

True Trophy Circle Kabbadi Tournament

Views of Players :

In this tournament, Harjinder, Balraj, Deepa Kirsan, Rajnish, Sandeep, Sandeep Kala, Surinder Kala, Pragat Singh, Mannu, Harwinder Jhandakala, Manjeet Singh Fiddu, Seepa and others keenly participated out of which many of them have performed at national and international levels also. Players said that although they have participated in many tournaments but the facilities provided here by Revered Guru Ji were amazing. Disputes regarding judgments likely occur in Kabaddi tournaments but with the facility of the third umpire facility no dispute occurred in any match. Players stated that they never enjoyed so much in any tournament like they enjoyed here.

Audience filled the whole Saint SMG Meet Sports Complex at the start of tournament itself and encouraged players with regular hooting throughout the tournament. Commentators kept the audience updated through their commentary in Hindi and Punjabi language.