Apr 10, 2013

With regular recitation and rendering selfless services man becomes capable to get immense happiness

"This is never enough to be thankful to the Almighty for some time. One must never forget one's origin. The one who does remember that he was nothing but the God Almighty has raised his status, he never goes down from his status. On the contrary, those who have proud of their high status, it starts going down." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by over 50 million faithful followers presently) at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa. A few further excerpts from the Satsang are as follows:

Spirituality is of the kind that the one who is full of ego gets drowned whereas those who are polite God helps them at every step. So one is advised to be polite always, meditate and be united with the Almighty. This is the great thing to be internally pure. People used to think that they are perfect; there is no imperfection in them. But in this era of vices (kaliyuga) this is wrong to think like this because, it is never possible that a man has no imperfection except those who have got their tenth door opened. When one accepts his faults, meditates and render selfless services he remains brim full of exhilaration. That happiness is never ever imagined by the man. But to experience that beatitude meditation is most important. So it is mandatory that you must abide by the holy sermons, recite God's words ask God from Himself to get the deluge of holy grace and compassion. Consequently, your sorrows, worries and tensions will flee away and you would be brim full of happiness.